\n \n Opus.366: "Xpander <- Reaktor.IHo8" / VA Sound Lab.

Xpander <- Reaktor.IHo8

 Xpander <- Reaktor.IHo8

1st Feb 2021 | Experiment


0:00/01:48 4.45MB

The only sound being played is the Oberheim Xpander. The drum sounds in the SINGLE PATCHE presets, starting from number 80, are slightly edited and arranged in MULTI PATCH and played via MIDI. Sequencing is done with IHo8 on Reaktor and output via MIDI, and pattern changes are done manually with mouse clicks. The first half of the track was cut with a truncator after recording to the SP-404SX. No effects were used. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Used equipment

Native Instruments REAKTOR Synthesizer / Software
Oberheim Xpander Synthesizer / Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
Roland SP-404SX Sampler / 16bit Digital
Roland UM-ONE MIDI Interface
Voicing Ants IHo8 music sequencer
Alesis iMultiMix 9R Mixer