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Dave Smith Instruments Evolver

Dave Smith Instruments

my favorite

Synthesizer / Digitally Controlled Oscillator
analog : hardware

Year 2002
established price $599
Year that I have purchased 2019
Price when I bought ¥37000

Please see Wikipedia for details. Excerpt from Wikipedia: The Evolver is an analog-digital hybrid synthesizer designed by Dave Smith and manufactured by Dave Smith Instruments. It was first released as a desktop version in 2002, then later a 37-key keyboard bearing the same synth engine as the Evolver desktop was also released. A polyphonic version of the Evolver, dubbed the Poly Evolver, was released in 2004 as a rackmount version, then a 61-key keyboard version of the Poly Evolver was released in 2005. The Evolvers were replaced by new high end models, the Prophet 12 and the Pro 2.

1evolver <- redonda + nord drum 3P <- IHo8 // combination experiment 36:24
2evolver <- redonda + nord drum 3P <- IHo8 // combination experiment 24:24
3evolver <- redonda + nord drum 3P <- IHo8 // combination experiment 12:35
4evolver <- redonda // auto cadence experiment 33:28
5evolver <- redonda // auto cadence experiment 29:39
6evolver <- redonda // auto cadence experiment7:29
7evolver <- redonda1:33
8Lava in Genesis (evolver preset)4:10