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Voicing Ants IHo8 prototype

Voicing Ants
IHo8 prototype

my favorite

music sequencer
pc : software

Year that I have purchased

1( voyager <- IHo8 ) + Reaktor.L3 //Add program change mechanism1:21
2( evolver <- IHo8 ) + Reaktor.L3 //cut and paste editing2:18
3( evolver.bank2.1 <- IHo8 ) + Reaktor.L32:43
4Reaktor.NWSCL <- IHo8 //auto play take43:49
5Reaktor.NWSCL <- IHo8.[X:13 Y:38, Z:66, 3b:u13457*2*(bx.g+, by.r+)] //manual operation3:19
6Reaktor.NWSCL <- IHo8.[X:12*Ofs, Y:38*Ofs, Z:66*Ofs, 3b:u13567*(bx.g+, by.-, bz.-)]0:52
7Reaktor.NWSCL <- IHo8.[X:26*Ofs, Y:29*Ofs, Z:50*Ofs, 3b:u13567*(bx.r-)]1:01
8Reaktor.NWSCL <- IHo8.[X:89, Y:156, Z:230]2:56