\n \n Opus.365: "( NordDrum3P.bankB.33 <- Reaktor6.IHo8 ) * MFC42 * SP-404SX" / VA Sound Lab.

( NordDrum3P.bankB.33 <- Reaktor6.IHo8 ) * MFC42 * SP-404SX

 ( NordDrum3P.bankB.33 <- Reaktor6.IHo8 ) * MFC42 * SP-404SX

31st Jan 2021 | Experiment


0:00/02:50 6.63MB

This is an automatic performance via MIDI interface by IHo8 running in Reaktor.The number of manual snapshot changes on Reaktor is about three. The noise in the middle part of the track was caused by MFC42, which was increased by compressor. Note: This is not the direct sound of the Nord Drum 3P, it was strongly compressed by SP-404SX Compressor after going through MFC42 EQ. (The English text from 2021 is described with the help of DeepL.)

Used equipment

AKAI MFC42 Filter
Native Instruments REAKTOR Synthesizer / Software
Roland SP-404SX Sampler / 16bit Digital
Roland UM-ONE MIDI Interface
Voicing Ants IHo8 music sequencer