The official name of the web site

Voicing Ants sound laboratory

What is the Voicing Ants ?

  1. I made a sound synthesizer, was allowed to play in the arpeggiator.
    When I had heard the sound close my eyes. Light of moving images was floated in my brain. That is Voicing Ants.
    Shining ants had marched along on green circuit of synthesizer.

The purpose of this site

  1. It is intended to record my impulse.
  2. This site is not intended to raise the ear of general public. Thit is for part of the equipment mania. Please think that the forest area in the upstream of the aquaculture oyster.

The administrator of this site

A man have the hobby of home recording. Japan Synthesizer Programmers Association member from 2016.

About exporting files

Exports through the Waves L1 + to 16bit wav file.And converts it to a music data for the Internet in itune. In the past, it had been turned into mp3 with lame. When you record sound to the DAW is 24bit. In the past of data many things of 16bit, On the limitation of PC performance, it may be recorded in 16bit44.1kHz today.


Personal computer for music production is a MacBook that was purchased in the Middle Ages to around 2006 (Core2Duo 2Ghz, 2GB RAM). Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) has been installed
All Equipment is here.


Name Rei Takasora
gender man
Current residence Kyoto, Japan
motto May the synth be with you.
contact Twitter

The meanings of the symbols (2007.01.22 currently)

+ tracks
/ Mixer and audio interface
* Insert (connection patch bay, directly)
*= Send return, AUX (the original sound and effect sound are overlapped)
<- original sound input to the sampler, sound card, MIDI, arpeggiator
[ ] Supplementary explanation
=> parameters and numerical
number * ( ) () Is equipment, the number is the number of tracks (the number of overdubbing)
{ }など collectively apply an effect, easier to see the code

※ Operator to be used for programming, such as javascript.

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