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The official name of the web site

Voicing Ants sound laboratory

What is the Voicing Ants ?

The name "Voicing Ants" comes from the image of light that popped into my head when I was listening to the sound created by editing the synthesizer with an arpeggiator and closing my eyes while I was listening to it.The word was coined from a combination of the musical term "voicing" and the insect "ant".When I use equipment and programs when creating a sound, the results are almost always better than what I imagined they would be before the sound actually sounds.In a way, it means that something other than me is intervening in the outcome.The lights that seem to intervene in the results live in the foundation of the equipment and serve to carry the good results for the music, and I guess they make me happy.When the total amount of good outcomes is constant, the less the volume rate I use my head about an outcome, the more the volume rate of the role played by the intervener in that outcome will increase.When I focus on making my way without imagining the outcome, I become an observer of that marching light.If I make a good path, I will get good results back.If I make a bad path, bad results will come back to me.When it's a good result, it means I've made a good path.On the other hand, I sometimes feel that the light invades my brain through my hands touching the equipment, and that the marching light (which has a role to play) is controlling me to make a good path for ourselves.It is like a proposition in the community and a microbe for the forest. I will do my best to make the roads extremely well built so that I can run alongside the marching light at the same speed.

The purpose of this site

  1. This site is like a note for ideas.
  2. The site is mainly for enjoying the sound that the music equipment produces.
  3. I am a member of Japan Synthesizer Professional Arts (JSPA). My name is Takasora Ray. The meaning of each character in Japanese is, from the left, "hawk, sky, black or many". It means a bird observing ants (or a dense one) from the sky above.

The administrator of this site

A man have the hobby of home recording. Japan Synthesizer Programmers Association member from 2016.

About exporting files

I'm converting to m4a in iTunes for desktop applications. The audio interface used for the pre-conversion wav data is primarily Macke ONYX BLACKJACK or MOTU Ultralite mk3, and the software used is primarily Ableton Live. In some cases, I recorded on line to a Roland SP-404SX via an ALESIS iMultiMix9R (16 bit).


My computer for music production was a MacBook (Core2Duo 2Ghz, 2GB RAM) from 2006-2016, but otherwise I use a windows computer.


The meanings of the symbols (2007.01.22 currently)

Operator to be used for programming, such as javascript.
+ tracks
/ Mixer and audio interface
* Insert (connection patch bay, directly)
*= Send return, AUX (the original sound and effect sound are overlapped)
<- original sound input to the sampler, sound card, MIDI, arpeggiator
[ ] Supplementary explanation
=> parameters and numerical
number * ( ) () Is equipment, the number is the number of tracks (the number of overdubbing)
{ }など collectively apply an effect, easier to see the code

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